Friday, February 17, 2012

Hulu Plus Now Available On The Wii! Decisions Decisions...

Yes, Hulu Plus became available on the Wii as of yesterday. (See here) I was super excited about this, because there are shows available through their service that are not available through Netflix, which I've been using on my Wii for the past year or so. The problem now is, which one should I keep?

The thing is, most people I know fit pretty well into two categories: avid TV show watchers who like movies but when given a choice would usually choose TV, or movie watchers who when given the same choices would choose movies over TV any day.

I do not fall into either of those categories... making the Netflix/Hulu decision kinda tough. I am a huge TV fan, but I love a good movie at least once a week.

I'm pretty sure most of you might know this, but to clarify for those who don't, Netflix has a wider selection of movies than Hulu Plus, while Hulu Plus seems to have a better selection of newer TV shows. However, in signing up for the two week free trial of Hulu Plus, I have noticed that when it comes to Syfy Channel shows they have more available than Netflix, which I like... but they don't even make full seasons available, which I find very annoying.

I also thought that if you had a subscription to Hulu Plus, you wouldn't have to see commercials during the shows. I was wrong... and to tell you the truth, that's a misstep on Hulu's part. I understand having commercials play during free selections for non-subscribers, but if I was giving them $7.99/month, I would want those ads either completely gone, or maybe have only one ad played before the show/movie you select even starts.

On the plus side for Hulu, their video quality is a lot better than Netflix, even on the Wii. So they have that going for them at least.

Still, I have a dilemma: Should I keep Netflix and cancel Hulu Plus after my 2 week trial? Or should I get rid of Netflix and stick with Hulu Plus? Both cost only $7.99/month, a pittance compared to the price of even basic cable. But until I find work, I can only afford one. GAH! I hate decisions! :-\

Well, I will be thinking about it. I'll let you all know how that turns out in two weeks time, haha. :-)

Have any input about this small but annoying issue? Or just have something to say? Leave me a comment!

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Thanks for reading! :-)

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