Sunday, November 13, 2011

Harry Potter Weekend? Heck Yes!

So my friends and I had a pretty awesome weekend. We have been planing this Harry Potter weekend for the past couple months or so, and we were SUPER excited that it was finally here. And I have to say, it did not disappoint! On Friday, my friend Heather and I made Harry Potter themed decorations to put up around my house. Then Friday/Saturday we made all sorts of Harry Potter themed food and drinks. All of this lead up to our two day Harry Potter DVD watching event on Saturday and Sunday! I swear, I felt like a little kid on Christmas waiting for Heather and my friend Ashley to show up, haha.

We ended up watching movies 5-8 only... and then it because Battlestar Galactica Weekend, which looking back is kind of funny considering the change from a series of kid-friendly movies to... well, a not so kid-friendly sci-fi show. But either way we had a fantastically fun and geeky weekend, and that all that really matters, right? Right?! haha.

So anywho, we took some photos of our HP decorations and food, so here they are!

Why yes, the Whomping Willow does reside in my front yard! (Sign made by Heather)
Platform nine and three-quarters sign that Heather made for my front door.
My living room, with the banners Heather and I made, and also Heather's Sorting Hat!

Leaky Cauldron sign that I made for the kitchen.
Pumpkin juice!! It was actually really yummy, and I am not a huge fan of pumpkin.
Tiny caldrons filled with "Berty Bott's Every Flavor Jelly Beans." (Actually, just Jelly Belly jelly beans, lol)
Chocolate Frogs! (They were awesome Heather!!!)
Delicious (and gluten free!) Cauldron Cupcakes.
Mrs Weasley's herby roasted chicken with onion-garlic mashed potatoes. (And stuffing! Don't forget stuffing!)
Love Potion! (Also yummy!)

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