Monday, July 23, 2012

Warehouse 13 Season 4 Premiere Almost Live-Blog (SPOILERS)

Happy Warehouse 13 Season 4 Premiere Day!!!

So I am writing this as the episode airs... or trying to.
Maybe more during commercial breaks... or may just end up getting distracted. We'll see, haha.

And holy crap it's starting! Let the feels begin!!

The reactions to the loss of the Warehouse are just heartbreaking. They've already lost so much. Random note though, SOOOO glad Trailer wasn't in the Warehouse when it was destroyed. That dog is just too adorable, haha!

The fact that the Warehouse's destruction pretty much caused world chaos is both expected and unexpected... I mean, we knew that the artifacts could have significant catastrophic effects on their surroundings, so you would expect there to be some crazy stuff happening in the event that so many were destroyed at once. But for some reason the world being in chaos took me by surprise. Extremely scary and sad!

We are only in the first 14 minutes have already presented so many surprises.

Not so surprising, Pete is getting himself into trouble and Artie is being... not strong, haha.


Ok, got distracted by the episode (as I thought would happen), so here are my afterthoughts:

After all is said and done, Artie ends up carrying the burden of being the only one to know what could have happened had the Magellen artifact not been found and activated... and knowing that he is the creater of a possible evil in Claudia.

It's wonderful that the Warehouse, Mrs. Fredrick, and H. G. are all back. But it's just horrible that Artie is going to be haunted by the memories of what almost came to pass... and what the future may now hold for poor Claudia, who seems to have finally been pushed off the edge. And who could blame here, after the loss of Jinks. She's already dealt with a lot of loss in her life... grief can do some bad things to people.

I look forward to where this season's events will lead us, and sincerely hope that where we are being led to includes a return to sanity and happiness for Claudia and Artie.

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