Saturday, June 23, 2012

Who's On This Geek's Playlist? - June 2012

Photo taken during my first trip to Boston
with friends this past month. (Proof of my
life outside of the internet.)
Ok, so I have been SUPER lazy about making any entries for this blog. Seems I actually have a life offline (Who knew? haha), so other than filling my Tumblr blog's queue once or twice a week, I haven't contributed much online lately.

During my time away from my computer, I managed to finish the book I have been reading for the past 4 or so months (R. A. Salvatore's The Ghost King), went to Boston for the first time ever (where I defeated my fear of escalators!), and started playing bass guitar again (just a bit... but yay!).

I also started going though and listening to my collection of CDs, which is part of the reason I am FINALLY back to writing for this blog.

So who's on my playlist right now?

Answer: Ben Folds!

Ok, anyone that knows me is probably saying, "Shantelle, he is ALWAYS on your playlists!"

And yes, that is very true. I don't think I have had a playlist that hasn't included at least one Ben Folds song (with or without the Five).

However, the sole reason I am mentioning him now is that I made the random decision last week to listen to his CD Rockin the Suburbs (2001), and I've been listening to random songs from it every day since.

Here are a couple songs from the album. Enjoy!
Hope you enjoyed the music!

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