Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just a Random Thought

I haven't posted in a while... mostly because I was having an intense case of blog-writers block. So here is my random thought for the day:

The way I see it, I have two brains.

One brain is a complete idiot, and is responsible for things like:
  • Making me almost pull food out of the oven with no oven mitts.
  • Forcing me to walk into a room 5-6 times before I remember why I was in there in the first place.
  • Erasing a person’s name from my memory 5 seconds after they introduce themselves.
The other brain is highly intelligent. Its contents vary from person to person, but it’s there.

Sadly, the idiot brain is a control freak and is ALWAYS fighting for command of my thoughts and actions.

My goal in life?

Stamp out the idiot brain.

Thanks for reading my random thought of the day, haha! (^_^)"Cross-section Human B...$16.98 Wayfair

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