Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Last Fringe Friday of the Season; Are You Ready?

That's right Fringe fans. The Season 4 Finale episode, Brave New World, Pt. 2, will be airing this Friday (May 11th) on FOX, 9/8c.

Part 1 was so amazing/squee-worthy/heartbreaking that you can't even imagine how excited I am for Part 2. And while I'm sad that this is the final episode of the season, I am psyched that we will indeed be getting a Season 5 (mostly thanks to the efforts of Fringe's VERY loyal fans).

I'm curious to see which characters will be definitely be staying with us... or even leaving us in the season finale. I'm also VERY excited to see where the whole return of William Bell is going to lead us... I love that he is back, but it's scary that he is having anything to do with David Robert Jones. And OMFG I can't wait to see what more Olivia does with her abilities, if anything! It was crazy seeing her use her telekinesis in the way that she did. But no matter how this season ends, it will be nice being able to look forward to the next season. And we all know when it comes to Fringe, anything can happen in Season 5, haha!

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Heather said...

Yesssss, so much this! I can't wait to find out how everything ends this year. It's been such an epic season!