Saturday, January 28, 2012

Video Game Adventures - Kirby Mass Attack!

I am seriously super excited about this early Valentines/Birthday my boyfriend gave me today! I hadn't even seen this game before, but I was still super excited about it. I mean it's Kirby! Just from looking at the booklet inside the game case for Kirby Mass Attack, I was squeeing, haha!

So far I have only beating the first level, which is really just a "Welcome to the game, here's how you play it" level. Even after that I am still really psyched about playing through this game... usually a good sign for me. I'm hope that this doesn't take me a year to get through though, like some other games. It's not that the games are difficult, it's just my short-ish attention span's fault.

I think it's pretty interesting that the game is mostly touchscreen based. Not a lot of the Nintendo DS games I've owned in the past have been, so it ill be cool to switch things up a bit.

Here's an E3 Trailer for Kirby Mass Attack:

Doesn't it look like fun? Well, at least I find it amusing, haha. I'm just hoping this doesn't distract me too much from finishing LEGO® Harry Potter™: Years 5-7. But I have to admit Kirby games are a little more fitting for my attention span, so I don't know...

Anyways, we'll see. You'll most like know what comes of this, because it's pretty much a sure thing that every time I actually finish a game I will be verbally happy-dancing on this blog, haha. So until next time!

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