Monday, September 24, 2012

Keurig® Vue® House Party: MISSION COMPLETE!

So the party was a big success! Everyone enjoyed themselves, and I couldn't be happier! I love my new Keurig® Vue®, and it was definitely a hit with my guests. What they seemed to love the most about it was its versatility.

For example, some of my guests were not big coffee or
sweet tea fans, so when I showed them that you could use the Vue® to get hot water to use for tea bags or hot cocoa packets, they were impressed! I also put travel mugs out so guests could see how well they fit under the Vue® spout. Everyone liked the cold brew options as well. I can't wait to try some iced coffee for myself... | didn't get a chance during the party because l was too busy being a good hostess, haha.

Keurig® sent me a free Vue® for hosting the party (thanks Keurig!), and House Party supplied me with a variety of Vue® coffee/tea packs to offer at the party, as well as some neat party supplies and a Keurig® Vue® apron! And since I was out of printer ink and couldn't print out the neat decorations from House Party's website, I recycled my Keurig® Vue® box and made my own!

We had a LOT of different snacks to munch on as well. We had some yummy Dancing Deer cookies that came in my party pack, as well as some Chips Ahoy and Newman's Own cookies. I made a bunch of loaded potato skins, pizza bites, and some ramen salad. My friend Heather made gluten-free cupcakes and gluten free/vegan muffins (both were DELICIOUS), and my mom made spinach artichoke dip (NOM!). We ate all of this great stuff during our viewing of The Hunger Games!

And the end of the party, everyone got to bring a goodie bag home with them, containing some "after coffee" mints, a pamphlet about Vue®, and a 50% off voucher for a new Vue® from Keurig® all supplied by House Party, as well as some chocolate-dipped spoons and green tea I supplied myself. Everyone like their goodie bags and went home happy and well fed. I would say this was all-in-all a very successful party!

Here are some photos from before and during the party!

The arrival of my Keurig® Vue®!
Such an exciting morning, haha!
Brand new out of the box. Even got a nifty sampler pack!
Making my first coffee in my Vue®...
... looks good!
The arrival of the party pack from House Party!
Look at all of the goodies!
Pretty sweet haul for my Vue® Party!
Party Day!
The coffee/tea bar.
Some of the goodie bags!
Eat ALL the noms! haha. ;-)
The aftermath of the first group of coffee/snack consumers, lol.
Everyone snacking and watching The Hunger Games.
Thanks Keurig® and House Party!
Thanks to everyone who made this an AWESOME house party! Can't wait to get the opportunity to host another one someday!

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