Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Premiere House Party!

So I have to say, the party was a LOT of fun! I spent a lot of my time making food and taking photos, but for me, that is part of the fun with my parties. My Dad had fun playing with the masks, and insisted on my taking photos of him with each of the male character masks, lol.

I had seen that AMC was supposed to be playing a Season 4 marathon of Mad Men in the hours before the party... and was kind of disappointed to find that it didn't happen. Luckily, Netflix saved the day with that part of the festivities.

I think one of my favorite parts of the whole party was dressing up in 60s garb... although my hair was being a pain in the you-know-what and didn't want to curl (FAIL). But I still ended up looking presentable, lol. As for everyone else, if there had been a contest, I'm pretty sure my friend Heather would have won it. She look awesome!

As for food, I was able to make the chicken a la king and the virgin pina coladas without a hitch, and everyone seemed to enjoy everything. I wish I had gotten the chance to make the Butter Cake a la Mode... it sounded fraking delicious! I'm just going to have to create another event just to make it for everyone, haha,

Everyone loved the neat stuff in the the "House Party" Party Pack that I received from HouseParty.com, the mask being the biggest hit. A couple guests even took door hangers home with them! So glad I got the opportunity to receive such a neat party pack. (^_^)

The best part of the party? The premiere of course! The highlights for me:
  • Pete running into the wall and giving himself a bloody nose. It was hilarious, and I'm not a fan of Pete... so it was somewhat satisfying, lol.
  • Lane's dancing reenactment for Joan of the events at Don's birthday party. Both because it was highly amusing to see his character like that, and because of the slight creepiness of this moment when thinking of this actor's character on Fringe. (Watch Fringe and you will understand... or just go watch Fringe because I tell you so...)
  • Megan singing Zou Bisou Bisou to Don at his "surprise" birthday party. Mostly because the song had everyone at my party laughing and saying, "WTF is happening right now?", haha.
I probably missed a whole bunch more because I was having fun chatting with everyone and tweeting about the party and show on Twitter, but the episode is already online, so I definitely plan on re-watching it!

Anywho, here are some photos from the party, along with a video tour of the Ad Room we set up!

 The Decor
The bar top in the living room :-)
The music!
The Ad Room bar.
The entertainment center.
The Ad Room
The party favors.
More of the Ad Room
The living room bar.

 The Food
Chicken a la King, rice, and Utz chips & dip.

Deviled eggs.

Utz potato chips and pina coladas.

The Guests Having Fun, lol.
Me, as Joan
Heather :-)

My Dad as Roger
My Dad as Pete
Dan and I <3
My Dad as Don Draper!


Everyone watching the premiere! Yay!


Heather photo-bombing my Dad's #draping photo, lol.
My Dad
My Mom
Even the cat got in on it, haha!

 A Video Tour of the Ad Room! :-)

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Rosemarie Torem said...

I saw your pictures on houseparty and used the link to see your blog. It looks like you had a really nice party. You and Heather looked super cute in your outfits and hair. I am the one (if you looked at the comments) who said that I recognized the chicken a la king. I also used the Mad Men recipes from the AMC party planner at my party. Was that a real Lucky Strike pack? My cousin made a faux one that turned out really well. Love those chairs you have and a lot of your furnishings. Also saw your video of your ads. I wish I would have thought to take pics of our food, esp the jell-o rings! Hah!
My name on houseparty is Ringlet13.

Shantelle Vye said...

Hi Rosemarie!

Thanks for commenting! And thanks, Heather is awesome with hair! And we just happened to have our dresses in our own wardrobes... Heather says it's because we're like grannies, lmao!

About the cigarettes, my mom actually went to the tobacco store just to by a pack of Lucky Strike for the party. I'm pretty sure my parent were almost more excited that I was about the party, lol. My mom had also made the gigantic pack and the itty-bitty pack from printouts online.

I got kinda lucky with the furniture. My parents buy and sell antiques and collectables, and just happened to have all of the props and furniture in storage waiting to be sold. Talk about convenient! haha!

Btw, I LOVE the video you posted on the House Party page! I didn't even put two and two together that it was you until I saw your name here, lol. Your party looked super fun! And I love that you had the glass bottles of Coca-Cola! I wanted to pick some up myself, but I didn't remember it until the day of the party. Go me! lmao :-)

- Shantelle

Drew Watts said...

House parties are really cool and full of fun. Went for farewell party organized by our juniors at one of the splendid LA venues recently. Dj and catering was mind blowing. Loved the great location and ambience of venue. Got a warm welcome and excellent return gifts.